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I’ve never been comfortable calling myself an Accountant when someone asks me what I do. It’s not as ambiguous as being a Consultant, but not direct like being a CPA. My first business card said I was a Small Businessist which was more creative than professional. That was intentional, however, because I wanted current and potential clients to know that I’m not the typical accountant.

Accountants tend to tell owners where their business is today. A historical perspective might give owners a description of how the numbers change over time. It doesn’t always allow you to answer the ‘what changed?’ and ‘why did it change?’ questions that help owners make financial decisions.

Resolute CPA and Advisory Services was born out of a desire from two CPAs, Cyndi McIntosh and Jeff Watkins, and a Small Businessist to provide the full financial picture to our clients. This allows owners of small businesses to be more aware of how their next financial decision will affect their company. If we know the vision of the company we can help put together a roadmap to fulfill that vision.

You sell widgets, but your business is nothing like the other widget retailer down the street. You may both sell widgets and have a cute twitter handle, but that’s where the similarities end. Your equity structure is different, your payables and receivables are not on the same schedule and you accrue more vacation time than your competitor. Resolute CPA doesn’t want you to run your business like the average widget retailer. We want to you to run the business based on your unique situation. That’s where we thrive.

This blog is setup to provide insight into what’s important to small businesses. Please check back frequently to pick up insight from us and other financial industry leaders.

We would also love to meet you if we haven’t already. Come by and see us in our office or use any of our social media avenues to get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jesse Weber

jesse [at] resolutecpa [dot] com


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